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How this Ninja Journey began!

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Mr & Mrs Ninja

It all started in 2016 when Mr Ninja (back then only known as Jamin) got word that Ninja Warrior was coming to Australia. For many years before this, as a family we loved watching the American Ninja Warrior series as well as the Sasuke series in Japan. It was a fun family friendly show that quickly became an addiction in our family, along with the show Arrow- which Jamin also watched religiously.

Being a hands-on guy and wanting a new challenge, he got to designing and building a salmon ladder in the backyard. Back then not many people knew what he was talking about, but it didn’t take long for it to be finished then have friends and family watching on in awe (or shaking their heads) of this crazy guy! It took plenty of stacks and even more determination to get back up and try again, however it didn’t take long for him to master this and then want a new challenge.

Our eldest son testing out his Ninja skills

It showed our boys (then 10yrs & 3yrs) that no matter how many times you fail, you need to get back up to try again. This is one motto that we have lived by and told our boys to “always give it your best” – that is all we ask!

Anyway, not long after the Salmon Ladder was built and mastered, it was announced that Australian Ninja Warrior were doing auditions for season 1. This was something Jamin and the boys had dreamed of for many years prior. So we got to put together an audition video and sent it in with everything crossed for a reply. Months went by without any response and we almost forgot about it, until one day he received a phone call about auditions.

This was an opportunity that he may never get again, so he grabbed it with everything he had. Once he completed his audition he then realised that there was nowhere for people to train in this specific discipline of Ninja.

Cody has always been a monkey!

Fast forward to today and after riding many rollercoaster ‘highs and lows’ we are still here and still just as passionate about Ninja as we were back then. Our boys compete in regular Ninja competitions and love doing ninja training, at home on the humongous rig that Jamin has designed, as well as local facilities! Everything that we design is tried and tested by our 2 “guinea pigs” before being released for sale.

Unfortunately, Jamin never made it to the filming stages of Australian Ninja Warrior, however we knew this was a sport that was going to take off in Australia and we wanted to be involved in it any way that we could. We started to design some free-standing Monkey Bars and Climbing Frames that our boys would want to use. Our family and friends loved them and soon placed orders for their kids. After some time and careful planning, Mr Ninja Climbing Frames was created!

We are proud of our small Australian owned business and love sharing all things Ninja with you all.

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