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It’s Rainy Outside… get moving with an Indoor Ninja Warrior Course!

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It’s school holidays, it’s raining outside and the kids are driving you NUTS because they can’t play on their Mr Ninja Climbing Frame or go to the park and play on the Monkey Bars!

Get creative, use their imaginations and design a Ninja Warrior course inside. We have some ideas to get you started… we’d love to see what else you come up with!

Firstly, look around the house and use things that you don’t mind getting jumped on and climbed on. Let’s go with cushions for stepping stones, dining chairs can be crawled under for tunnels and also climbed on top for another obstacle. A foam roller can be a challenging balance obstacle or even a skateboard can be used as an upper body obstacle.

Next… is course design… and mix it up!! Start with a lower body obstacle then an upper body obstacle, throw in some core and balance stuff too and before you know it… You’ve got yourself a Ninja Warrior course.

Film and time it, you can even write up a leaderboard for each participant to see who wins!

Check out this course we created at home…

Get creative with the kids and design an Indoor Ninja Warrior course.

And also one from a few years back…

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