Ninja X

The Ultimate Ninja Warrior Monkey Bars


2.3 m high Monkey Bars

4 x Ninja Grips

4 x Rings on Straps

1 x Ring Toss on Monkey Bar

1 x Ring Traverse

1 x Cargo Net

Total Space Require – 5.1 m x 2.0 m

From $2890.00

*(Excluding delivery and install)

Suggested Add-ons

Supercharge your frame with these great add-ons!
Roman Rings
Twirl Bar *
Parallel Bars

*NB Extra Space Required


Looking for an extra Ninja challenge? Add one of these great Ninja packs!
4 x Ninja Grips
2 x Floating Pipes
Includes 4 Straps & Hooks
Incline to 3m Rope Tower*
Incline to 3m Salmon Ladder*

*NB Extra space required

Colours Available

Customise your frame with these great colour choices!

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